PiezoMotor launches two new controllers for Piezo LEGS® motors

PiezoMotor has developed two new controllers for its Piezo LEGS® motors. Both products are 1-axis systems providing a resolution of up to 8192 microsteps, corresponding to positioning resolution in the sub-nanometer range. Both controllers can operate the motors in open loop as well as in closed loop position control with sensor inputs. Multiple units can be easily chained to form multi-axis systems. The products can also be used as a servo amplifier in conjunction with an external motion controller.

“The new controllers have been designed to meet customer demand for high resolution controllers that are easy to use and that can be easily integrated in various OEM applications to drive our Piezo LEGS® motors”, says Pär Gustafsson, CTO of PiezoMotor.

The PMD301 is a versatile standalone packaged controller unit with inbuilt functions to operate Piezo LEGS® motors in closed loop (target mode) or open loop. Host communication is either via a 2-wire RS485 or USB virtual COM port through ASCII commands. A 15-pole D-Sub port can be configured for general I/O, sensor input and as a servo interface. An external motion controller may control the speed via SPI or analog voltage interface.

The PMD401 is a fully featured miniature controller board for open loop and closed loop operation that can be easily stacked to form a multi-axis controller system, and piggy-backed on customers mainboard for integration in OEM applications. Host communication is via 2-wire RS485 through the same ASCII commands as the PMD301. The PMD401 can also be used as a servo amplifier where the external controller regulates the speed via SPI interface. A breakout board with terminal blocks for easy access to power and communication is offered optionally for customers wanting to get application development started straight away.

Piezo LEGS® Controller PMD301
Piezo LEGS® Controller PMD401