Piezo LEGS® Rotary 30mNm

LR17 version A21 — Standard — With Position Sensor

This is our smallest rotary Piezo LEGS®, with direct drive and high torque output. The integrated 15-bit encoder gives closed loop resolution of 0.2 mrad (0.01°), while open loop resolution is sub-microradian. This motor can be fitted in many OEM applications where conventional motors cannot meet the requirements.

  • Compact motor with integrated encoder

    LR17 high-precision motor belongs to the second generation of Piezo LEGS® rotary motors. Ideally suited for ‘move-and-hold’ applications or automatic adjustments, it is both precise and strong (30 mNm stall force). Direct-friction drive gives full motion control without backlash, plus full-force power-off locking. Standstill is completely free from jitter. Micro-stepping resolution is extreme (< 0.0001 mrad) and an integrated magnetic encoder gives a closed-loop resolution of 0.2 mrad. This compact motor is ideal for many build-in OEM applications; LR17 often fits where nothing else will.

  • Key features of LR17

    • Direct friction drive without backlash
    • Built-in 15-bit encoder for 0.2 mrad (0.01°) resolution
    • Compact motor with high torque
    • No power consumption when holding position
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  • Specifications

      • Recommended
        Operating Torque
      • 0...15 mNm
      • Stall Torque
      • 30 mNm
      • Holding Torque
      • 33 mNm
      • Speed Range
      • 0...170 º/s
      • Microstep Angle
      • 0.0001 mrad
      • Sensor Resolution
      • 0.2 mrad
      • Power Consumption
      • 3.5 mW/Hz
      • Operating Temperature
      • 0...50 ºC
      • Connector
      • CviLux CI1116M-2VD0
      • Weight
      • 30 gram
      • Diameter
      • 17 mm
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