Piezo LEGS® Linear Twin 20N

LT20 version 20A — Standard

The twin concept makes for high force output in a very compact body. Sub-micrometer resolution in combination with motion truly free from any backlash enables precision far beyond what a conventional stepper motor and lead screw can muster. Full force power-off locking is a safety function inherent to the design.

  • Twin type Piezo LEGS® delivers high force

    The LT20 motor is utilizing a twin configuration with Piezo LEGS® actuators on both sides of the drive rod. Because of the design, the motor outputs very high force compared with its compact size. Direct friction drive means motion free from any backlash or mechanical play. The resolution is sub micrometer and extends to single nanometer level if so required. Quick response and settling time ensures steady position hold in closed loop. Piezo LEGS® technology is perfect for very accurate point-to-point positioning, as well as motion over a large dynamic speed range (nanometers per second to millimeters per second).

  • Key features of the LT20

    • Sub-micrometer resolution
    • Direct drive free from backlash
    • Compact and strong – delivers up to 20N
    • Zero power consumption when holding position
    • Working principle of the LT20

      Watch this short animated video to see the working principle of Piezo LEGS®. The actuator legs walk on the drive rod to travel long distance and stops at any position with nanometer resolution.

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  • Specifications

      • Recommended
        Operating Force
      • 0...10 N
      • Stall Force
      • 20 N
      • Holding Force
      • 22 N
      • Speed Range
      • 0...10 mm/s
      • Microstep Length
      • 0.0003 µm
      • Sensor Resolution
      • Maximum Stroke
      • 80 mm
      • Power Consumption
      • 10 mW/Hz
      • Operating Temperature
      • -20...70 °C
      • Connector
      • 2 x JST BM05B-SRSS-TB
      • Weight
      • 29 gram
      • Size
      • 22 x 21 x 10.8
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