Piezo LEGS® Linear 6N

LL06 version A0 — Standard — With Position Sensor

This motor is well suited for many build-in OEM applications due to its compact size and integrated 1.25µm position sensor for closed loop control. As always, the Piezo LEGS® technology delivers direct-drive motion without backlash. Stepping resolution extends to single nanometer level or below when required.


  • Basic
  • Guided
  • Guided with Sensor
  • Compact motor with strong features

    The LL06 is our most compact linear motor for build-in OEM applications and comes with integrated 1.25 µm position sensor for closed loop control. Direct linear drive means gearhead and linear screw are not needed, which reduces overall size. Able to fit in spaces that other motors find difficult, LL06 delivers up to 6.5 N force. Its friction drive ensures full-force, power-off locking, and its Piezo LEGS® technology is ideal for any ‘move-and hold’ application able to benefit from high precision, instant response and low power consumption.

  • Five things to like about LL06

    • Our most compact Piezo LEGS®
    • Integrated position sensor (optional)
    • Direct drive free from backlash
    • Weighs only 16 grams (incl. encoder) – delivers 6.5 N force
    • Zero power consumption when holding position
    • Behind the scenes – Engineering the LL06

      Taking our Piezo LEGS® technology and packaging it for use in the most demanding of applications. Check out this behind the scenes video from development of the newest addition to our product line.

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  • Specifications

      • Recommended
        Operating Force
      • 0...3 N
      • Stall Force
      • 6.5 N
      • Holding Force
      • 7 N
      • Speed Range
      • 0...15 mm/s
      • Microstep Length
      • 0.0005 µm
      • Sensor Resolution
      • 1.25 µm
      • Maximum Stroke
      • 73.9 mm
      • Power Consumption
      • 5 mW/Hz
      • Operating Temperature
      • -20...70 °C
      • Connector
      • Hirose DF52-5S-0.8H (motor)
        Hirose DF52-6S-0.8H (sensor)
      • Weight
      • 16 gram
      • Size
      • 23.4 x 19.6 x 10.4
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