Piezo LEGS® Controller PMD401

PMD401 — Printed Circuit Board

A fully featured miniature closed loop controller board that can be easily stacked to form a multi-axis system. It provides resolution in the sub-nanometer range. Can also be used as a servo amplifier together with an external motion controller.

  • Small board for close integration

    The PMD401 is a fully featured miniature controller board for open loop and closed loop operation that can be easily stacked to form a multi-axis controller system, and piggy-backed on customers mainboard for integration in OEM applications. It can provide resolution of up to 8192 microsteps, corresponding to positioning resolution in the sub-nanometer range. Host communication is via 2-wire RS485 through ASCII commands. The PMD401 can also be used as a servo amplifier where the external controller regulates the speed via SPI interface. A breakout board with terminal blocks for easy access to power and communication is offered optionally for customers wanting to get application development started straight away.

  • Key features of PMD401

    • Boards can be stacked to form multi-axis systems
    • Closed loop controller taking commands from host via RS485 or USB
    • Slave amplifier to external motion controller via SPI interface
    • Sub-nanometer resolution to the Piezo LEGS® motor
    • General-purpose inputs/outputs – maximum 4 in and 3 out
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  • Specifications

      • Number of Axes
      • 1
      • Host Communication
      • RS485
      • Multi Axis Support
      • Yes
      • Resolution
      • 8192 microsteps
      • Maximum Stepping Rate
      • 1500 Hz
      • Closed Loop
      • Yes
      • Servo Amplifier Mode
      • SPI
      • General I/O
      • 4 in
        3 out
      • Motor Connector
      • 5-pole, JST SM05B-SRSS-TB (2x)
      • Sensor Connector
      • 6-pole, JST SM06B-SRSS-TB (Sensor/Servo)
        4-pole, JST SM04B-SRSS-TB (Limit Switches)
      • Power Connector
      • 2-pole, JST SM02B-SRSS-TB
      • Communication Connector
      • 3-pole, JST SM03B-SRSS-TB
      • Power Supply
      • 48 VDC, 5 W
      • Dimensions
      • 59 x 39 mm
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