Holding force

The direct friction coupling between legs and drive rod means Piezo LEGS® gives full force and power-off locking without any power consumption.

The stall force is the highest force load a running motor can dynamically hold without slipping backwards. The holding force is the highest load a powered-down motor can statically hold without slipping backwards. Holding force is generally about 10% higher than rated stall force.

For best performance the motor should be dimensioned such that it normally operates at a maximum of 50% of the rated stall force.

The force capacity of a Piezo LEGS® motor is mainly dependent on the volume of piezo material used in the legs and can therefore be scaled from a few Newtons to a few hundred Newtons. PiezoMotor manufactures Piezo LEGS® elements, consisting of four or six legs, in different standard sizes which are integrated at the heart of the Piezo LEGS® motor to give a range of products with different holding forces