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  • Non magnetic motors are pushing the boundaries for MRI surgery

    - Medical and Life Science

    One out of seven American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. It makes it the second most common cancer form within the group. Besides radiation, ablation of affected prostate tissue thru surgery is one of the main treatment methods. This kind of advanced surgery is performed when the patient is located in the MRI machine. Limited space and high demands for precision move...

  • PiezoMotor launches two new controllers for Piezo LEGS® motors

    - Product Releases

    PiezoMotor has developed two new controllers for its Piezo LEGS® motors. Both products are 1-axis systems providing a resolution of up to 8192 microsteps, corresponding to positioning resolution in the sub-nanometer range. Both controllers can operate the motors in open loop as well as in closed loop position control with sensor inputs. Multiple units can be easily chained to form multi-axis syste...

  • Miniaturization

    - Piezo LEGS® Technology

    PiezoMotor makes high-precision motors with direct drive. There’s no need for gears or mechanical transmissions. The result is backlash-free linear motion with nanometer or even sub-nanometer resolution. Reducing the number of parts also means that the size of the motor can be decreased considerably compared with traditional solutions. Simple drive electronics also save space. Any application driv...

  • Holding force

    - Piezo LEGS® Technology

    The direct friction coupling between legs and drive rod means Piezo LEGS® gives full force and power-off locking without any power consumption. The stall force is the highest force load a running motor can dynamically hold without slipping backwards. The holding force is the highest load a powered-down motor can statically hold without slipping backwards. Holding force is generally about 10% highe...

  • Constant flow

    - Piezo LEGS® Technology

    Piezo LEGS® are capable of moving smoothly even at extremely slow speeds. The linear translation rate can be as low as fractions of a micrometer each second. For example, when moving at 50 nanometers per second, it takes ~280 hours to move a distance of 50 mm and therefore flows of µL per minute and below are possible. This is achieved by the Piezo LEGS® motor ability to take very short steps. A f...

  • Energy Efficency

    - Piezo LEGS® Technology

    The traditional motor system cannot meet parameters such as high resolution (nanometer level), stiffness, zero backlash, short response time etc., all of which are key parameters for a nano-positioning system. Traditional drives also require power to be permanently switched on to hold position and minimize backlash problems. Their response time is relatively long and the start phase of the motion ...

  • Fundamentals

    - Piezo LEGS® Technology

    The word “piezo” is derived from the Greek word for pressure. In 1880 Jacques and Pierre Curie discovered that pressure generates electrical charges in a number of crystals such as quartz and tourmaline; they called this phenomenon the “piezoelectric effect”. Later they noticed that electrical fields can deform piezoelectric materials. This effect is called the “inver...

  • Non-Magnetic

    - Piezo LEGS® Technology

    Piezo LEGS® motors don’t have the windings of a DC motor and will not be a source of magnetic flux. Standard housing material is stainless steel, so the body of the motor will be ferritic by nature and will disturb an external magnetic field. Completely non-magnetic motors are also available, where motor housing and other parts are made from non-magnetic alloys. Motors of that kind will be compati...

  • Operating principles of Piezo LEGS®

    - Piezo LEGS® Technology

    By applying voltage to a piezoelectric material, you can make it change its shape. Through the clever design of the Piezo LEGS® ceramic actuators, each of the motor “legs” can be elongated as well as bent sideways. With appropriate drive signals, you can create synchronized movement of each pair of its four legs, and it will begin to walk just like an animal would – step by step, and stopping at a...

  • PiezoMotor launches new compact and strong precision motor

    - Product Releases

    PiezoMotor is proud to announce the release of a new direct drive linear motor with integrated encoder, Piezo LEGS® Linear 6N, also called LL06. PiezoMotor has developed the next generation of its classic Piezo LEGS®. The motor has undergone major redesign and repackaging, with the same piezo ceramic actuators at its core as the predecessor LL10. The basic performance characteristics are therefore...

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