Other Applications

Across the globe, the need for small, powerful motors continues to grow. Manufacturing industry’s demand for higher accuracy, for example, drives the need for greater miniaturization combined with higher precision. In the medical sector, analytical instruments and manipulators become more advanced and accurate.

For many of these applications, conventional electrical motors do not meet the required performance criteria. But our small, strong piezo motors do.

Yet despite their small format, our motors deliver enormous power. They are, in fact, capable of lifting 1,000-times their own weight. On top of that, their energy consumption and number of components are remarkably low.

In terms of market volumes, there is a large conversion potential from traditional electric motors to our high-tech piezo motors when miniaturization and precision are key demands.

PiezoMotor technology finds its place in a variety of industries and applications.


PiezoMotor sees opportunities within the synchrotron community and are already involved at sites like Diamond Light Source, DESY, ESRF, CERN and SPring 8. There is always need for better precision in beamlines and experiments where Piezo LEGS can move large masses and position on nanometer level. PiezoMotor products are the best choice when breaking the boundaries in material science.


For tuning and aligning lenses, or for high-precision auto-focusing, Piezo LEGS® motor performance is second to none. High-end video projectors, lens systems for the semiconductor industry, and military surveillance cameras are just some of the fields where manufacturers utilize the strength and precision of our motors. Linear positioning in the sub-micron range is easily achieved, and our designs even resolve micro-steps smaller than 1 nanometer (0.001 µm). Rotary motors allow sub-microradian step resolution.