Point-of-care diagnostic device

A novel biomedical diagnostic device for fast screening of for example allergies and infections at the point-of-care has been developed by Abionic, a Swiss company which started off as a spin-off from EPFL, a well renowned university with a great track record of a large number of successful high tech spin-offs. The product is now in series production and is being marketed and rolled out world-wide. It is expected that it will find its place in a vast number of pharmacies, hospitals and GP practices to give the patients diagnosis results within minutes.

A rotary Piezo LEGS® motor is at the heart of this device for accurate positioning of a disc containing multiple biosensors which form molecular complexes by reacting with a single drop of blood and can then be analysed optically.


Key features of Piezo LEGS® for this application

  • Step resolution is below 1 nanometer (a billionth of a meter)
  • Motors designed and priced for integration in OEM equipment
  • Self-locking with high holding force
  • No mechanical play or backlash
  • Allergy testing at the pharmacy

    This video from Abionic shows the abioSCOPE in action at a pharmacy.