Nanoliter Dispensing

Make good use of Piezo LEGS® linear motor technology when you need to dispense very small and exact volumes of liquid. Our motors combine long strokes (up to 100 mm or more) with extreme micro-step resolution to take single nanometer steps along the way. This combination is ideal for automated nanoliter dispensing systems or constant liquid flows with controlled pace. In holding-position, Piezo LEGS® motors are self-locking and consume no energy. When active, they deliver large linear forces with fast response and settling times. Direct friction drive eliminates backlash and mechanical play.

Piezo LEGS® for dispensing

  • Step resolution is below 1 nanometer (a billionth of a meter)
  • Motors designed and priced for integration in OEM equipment
  • Self-locking with high holding force
  • No mechanical play or backlash