MRI Guided Prostate Abliation

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer affecting American men, with approximately one in seven diagnosed in their lifetime. Most patients receiving conventional prostate cancer therapies such as surgery or radiation have good oncologic outcomes; however these therapies are often associated with long-term erectile, urinary, and bowel complications that may significantly compromise quality of life. As a result, men are seeking treatment alternatives.

To address this issue, Profound Medical is commercializing a novel technology, TULSA-PRO™, that delivers a personalized and precise ablation of the prostate tissue in men with localized prostate cancer. TULSA-PRO combines real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with transurethral, robotically-driven therapeutic ultrasound and closed-loop thermal feedback control. This enables targeted ablation of tissue while simultaneously protecting critical surrounding anatomy from potential side effects.

When conventional motors depend on the interaction of magnetic fields to operate, making them very poor fits for the MRI environment, the Piezo LEGS® motors in non-magnetic version are used because of their ability to operate in the MRI environment, and doing that without introducing image artifacts.

Piezo LEGS® for equipment in MRI

  • Inherently non-magnetic motor technology
  • Completely non-magnetic versions
  • Step resolution is below 1 nanometer (a billionth of a meter)
  • Motors designed and priced for integration in OEM equipment
  • Self-locking with high holding force
  • No mechanical play or backlash