The company

PiezoMotor is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of groundbreaking micro motors based on piezoelectric materials. Simple, extremely precise and very small, the motors replace traditional technology and enable motorization where it was not possible before. The motors’ performance includes sub-nanometer positioning as well as high force in a small package. The motors can operate in vacuum and can be made completely non-magnetic, which opens up entirely new possibilities.

In Uppsala, Sweden, PiezoMotor has its own in-house high-volume manufacturing facility, R&D center and headquarters. All major geographical markets are covered by an established global distribution network and PiezoMotor has many leading multinational customers within medical technology, the semiconductor industry, space and defense technology as well as in optics. PiezoMotor’s share is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm.

Johan Westermark - CEO PiezoMotor

We have reached several business breakthroughs and proved our ability to manufacture our micro motors with high quality and carry out full-scale, commercial deliveries. And in addition, we have successfully completed an IPO and are now listed on Nasdaq First North.

We have customers in all major geographical markets in the world – leading companies within medical technology, semiconductor industry, advanced optics, defense and space technology.

Our advanced micro motors are just right in time. We see increasing demands on miniaturization and precision – not seldom at the nanometer level.”
– Johan Westermark, CEO PiezoMotor